Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Top prospects the Pirates should consider trading

The Pirates have a lot of talented prospects working their way up the system.  Here are a handful of some of their top prospects the front office should consider putting on the block.

Austin Meadows OF - #17 Top 100 - #3 Top 10 OF  - #2 in organization
 Notes: Having a slow start this year hopefully turn it on soon. He is pretty much a 5-tool guy with a weaker but accurate arm.  This lefty should be ready next season and will only be 22 years old.  Assuming he rebounds from his slow start he should be one of the highest valued prospects on the market.
 Why: Now with Gregory Polonco extended, Starling Marte and Andrew McCutchen all signed for the next few years one of our out fielders becomes expendable and Meadows is the highest valued OF prospect we got.

Josh Bell OF/1B - #45 Top 100 - #2 Top 10 1B - #3 in organization
 Notes: Very little question about Josh's bat.  Switch hitting and good contact that leads to a good average and patent at the plate leading to a good number of walks and OBP. He also has fairly good power that could also lead to his fair share of extra bases and home runs.
 Why: Next year only John Jaso is signed on the MLB side and that is probably okay.  Bell may never figure out first well enough to satisfy the coaches and be relegated to out field where he falls into the Meadows problem.  If the team thinks they can get another reliable first base option after next season It makes sense to make Bell available at a high price of course.

Harold Ramirez OF - #6 in organization
 Notes: Good contact, young projectable likely league average or better everyday corner outfielder
 Why: Another one falls into the Meadows problem.  Too good to ride the bench but not good enough to knock out one of the current starters. (Polanco, Marte and McCutchen)

Allen Hanson 2b/SS - #6 Top 10 2B - #10 in organization
 Notes: Good contact but poor OBP. Fast will get his fair share of stolen bases. Decent to above average range on defense. Hits gaps for a fair share of extra bases and the power to get the occasional home run. Has worked out at Corner outfield for added utility.  Could be another Josh Harrison super utility everyday player at no single position.
 Why: Hanson doesn't have the arm to be an every day short stop, Blocked at 2nd by Harrison and the OF utility is in low demand.  Combine that with possible "maturity issues" stemming from being angry about not being called up last season. Taking calls on him *might* be in everyone's best interest.
Additional: Hanson got his temporary call up and his first big league at bat this week where he struck out.

Willy Garcia OF/RF - #13 in organization
 Notes: Big powerful bat that.  Typical power hitter.  Think Pedro Alvarez only in the outfield and better projected fielding at his position.
 Why: Another one that falls under the Meadows problem and the front office is leaning to players getting on base rather than power bats.

All of these players we expect to see in 2016 or 2017 so they could have an immediate impact to what ever team they play on

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