Monday, January 11, 2016

Looking back, Pittsburgh Pirates 2010 Draft.

With the DFA of Tony Sanchez the Pirates now have released or moved every player from the 2009 draft. Of the first 10 rounds of that draft the most successful players are Brock Holt, Vic Black and Tony Sanchez. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the next few drafts to see how our first 10 rounders€™s look.

The first 10 picks for the 2010 draft are, Jameson Taillon, Stetson Allie, MelRojas Jr., Nick Kingham, Tyler Waldron, Jason Hursh, Austin Kubitza, Dace Kime, Brandon Cumpton and Zack Weiss.

Round 1: Jameson Taillon (RHP) came into pro ball hot and heavy and from 2011 to 2013 pitched a lot of quality games getting lots of innings but not winning many. His minors career ERA is 3.72, WHIP 1.215 and SO/9 at 8.4. While those stats don't shout future Cy Young winner, he did all this before his age 22 season. He ended up getting Tommy John surgery causing him to miss an entire 2014 season, starting pitching workouts in 2015 but got injured again. Jameson hasn't pitched a live pro game since 2013 fall league. Despite this, he is still a top prospect and what the coaches and scouts saw in 2015 must have looked good because he is still a top MLB prospect with hopes of pitching in the MLB this season.

Round 2: Stetson Allie (RHP) Stetson didn't make it long as a pitcher. 17 games of A ball and a 7.76 ERA. Normally a pitcher like this would be a bust but the odd thing about Stetson is that he can hit. His best season between A, A+ ball he hit .277/.378/.438 with 21HRs. He now plays first base and some outfield and has earned a spring training invite for 2016.

Round 3: Mel Rojas Jr. (CF) Mel made his way back to AAA last year but probably won't see any MLB time with the Pirates due to the players currently on the roster. He hits for a fair average and is pretty quick; he fell off the Pirates top 30 prospect list this past season.

Round 4: Nick Kingham (RHP) Nick has been doing everything pretty well. Had a rough few games in AAA last season but still in the top 20 pirates prospects. He is expected to see some MLB time in 2017, Currently he is rehabbing from surgery

Round 5: Tyler Waldron (RHP) Waldron saw about 100 games in the Pirates organization including a short trip to spring, after 2012 he was converted to mostly relief and failed to produce at any level. After the 2014 season the Cardinals claimed him of waivers. Over 46 games and 76 innings with Memphis he had a 4.74 ERA.

Rounds 6,7 and 8: Jason Hursh, Austin Kubitza and Dace Kime all went unsigned.

Round 9: Brandon Cumpton (RHP) of all these players, Brandon is the only one who has seen MLB time for the Pirates. An Injury claimed his 2015 and is currently rehabing hoping to be back in the pen or rotation sometime in 2016

Round 10: Zack Weiss also went Unsigned

The 2010 Draft was pretty strong for the pirates, though injury has slowed down Taillon, Kingham and Cumpton they should be fully ready by the end of 2016. Rojas Jr. probably would be in the outfield if it were not for Polanco, Marte and McCutchen and Stetson will get his chance this spring to show he can play first base at a higher level. Only one of the six players signed is no longer with the team the four players that went unsigned also have not seen any MLB time as of yet.