Monday, June 22, 2015

Trading Andrew McCutchen.. Say What?

Yeah I know really. Trade Andrew McCutchen? It won't happen any time soon and if it did I would be marching up to the Pirates front office with a pitch fork looking for the witch that is controlling their minds. Cutch is a superstar.. well would be if he was in a larger market.

But lets look at this for a minute from a money stand point. Andrew costs $10 million this year. Starling Marte (assumed to be Andrews replacement) won't cost $10 ($3.3 million next year) million until 2019. Andrew has about $42 million left for 3 more years counting options. Marte has about $51 Million left for 6 more years. Both contracts end in their early 30's . Andrew is about near his peak, While Marte is still getting better (though his strike outs this year are scary but pen that up to his new role). There is about a 1 Game Win above replacement (WAR) difference for last year.

It almost makes sense to sell Cutch when he is high assuming he finishes the season strong. It especially makes since when you have a cheap replacement in Marte and a log jam of talent in the outfield. Assuming the minor league talent pans out in September....

So what can you get in trade for an Andrew McCutchen? Pretty simple really.. anyone not named Mike Trout to any team in search for a superstar out fielder that is relatively cheap. Given the Outfield talent available in the minors and in free agency and a glaring hole at first base it would be crazy not to explore the option. It would be even crazier to act on it.

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