Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pirate trade targets

The MLB Amateur Draft has passed which means the All-Star break is not too far away. This also means that the trade deadline is right around the corner. There are few players pegged as trade candidates that the Pirates should defiantly make a run for. The most glaring need is a starting pitcher.

Cole Hamels PHI : Cole Hamels trade talk has been around for a while now but the asking price has been way too high along with his $95.5 million salary through 2019 after this season (if option vests) make any trade very unlikely. However it was recently noted that the Phillies are willing to take on a portion of his salary. If this is true and if they would take on $5 million or more per season the Pirates may want to reconsider. Hamels is an ace in his prime. It is not very often players of his caliber are available. His salary for his ability is not totally unreasonable. Considering they are paying $13.5 million for Liriano, paying $15 Million for Hamels would be a great bargain.

The big reason I can see to go all in on Hamels is that once you got him you have him for years to come unlike most other trade candidates

Johnny Cueto CIN : Johnny should be a relatively cheap rental. Whatever team gets him needs to understand that unless they open the check book he will be gone after the season. He is a great pitcher and also really good in PNC Park, not counting the wild card game. He is a career 10-2 with a 1.91 ERA and .951 WHIP in PNC. By the time he is traded he should be owed around $5 million seems like a decent price if he is able to give you 10 decent starts in the regular season. Also with stats like that in PNC park he might be more inclined to resign but I doubt the Pirates would give him the $22-25 Million/year he will likely fetch

Mike Leake CIN : Mike is another rental who also pitches well in PNC. He isn’t an ace like Hamels or Cueto but he has fair stuff at the back of the rotation who should be a pretty good inning eater while keeping the team in the game most of the time. He has had a fairly rough start to start the season so his price might be lower than one would expect.

Aaron Harang PHI : Aaron has been doing great his first third of the season with a 2.02 ERA and a 0.995 WHIP which are better numbers than Hamels so far. Harang’s cheap $5 million contract could make him a trade for him the best trade if he finishes the season anywhere near the pace he is on now.

Dan Haren MIA: Dan is over all is doing pretty well this season with a 3.03 ERA and 1.043 WHIP is pretty attractive over 10 starts. His $10 Million in salary is paid by the Dodgers so it might be hard to pry this one way

Bartolo Colon NYM : Bartolo’s Wins, K’s and Whip are all pretty good however his ERA is well above 4 almost 5. The Mets are still in the race despite their injuries. I have my doubts the 42 year old right hander will be available. If the price is right it is worth a look but I have a suspicion the Mets will be in the race until September.

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