Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Best Home and Small office switch for the money.

Absolutely has to be the NetGear Business-Class and ProSafe switches.  These little blue all metal wonders are cheap, reliable and constant.    I’ve been using various models and revisions of these for about 10-12 years between the 4port and 16 port range in various applications and they just work.

You buy one.  That’s it, you won’t buy another because you won’t need to replace it under normal circumstances.  I still have a 10/100MB 8 port I purchased many many years ago in my closet as a spare.  If you do need to replace one it is almost always because you need more ports or are upgrading to a new/different technology (Fiber, POE, 10GbE, etc..)

The metal housing helps dissipate any heat generated.  Due to there basic flat squared of shape they are easily mounted most anywhere I have even seen one model welded to the side of a case for a LAN party server. The activity lights are fairly bright but not overly and can be easily masked.  These little buggers also are silent as well.

Newegg and Amazon often has sales on the 5 port version and you often seem them for $19.99 after promotions.  Prices scale up with more ports, anything over 16 ports you are probably looking for a more enterprise type switch.

If you just need a basic switch, for the price there is nothing better.

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