Saturday, December 29, 2012

Potential Pirate Free Agent Targets?

Casey Kotchman 1b – has up and down seasons Should be relatively cheap

Ryan Therot 2nd/SS - An upgrade to SS from the plate but his fielding is not the best.

Adam Kennedy – IF – It's nice to have players that can play most of the infield positions. Had a decent average and should be cheap.

Yuniesky Betancourt – SS/2nd – another upgrade in the line up at short and should be cheaper.

Some of the biggest needs for the Pirates are extending Garret Jones and getting a first baseman or right fielder. Nothing against Sanchez or Snyder but from what little i've seen they are not the players to do that. I've been wrong before though.

Getting a better bat at the short stop position. Barmes is pretty good in the field but at the plate he has had problems. So the question is do you hope a new hitting coach will help or do you go buy and upgrade?

Bullpen help is also needed of course.  Many of the options are priced too high for Pittsburgh.  Other than some minor signings and those pulled in from The Hammer trade, I don't see any major moves.

My guess is for the most part they stand pat with the rest of the position players unless they deal Jones.  Hopefully Snyder/Sanchez/Marte/Barmes improve some and Alvarez doesn't get any worse

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