Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pirates offseason moves and next year?

Well the end of the world came and went, we are still here.  A global meltdown did not put us Pirate fans out of our misery.

So far this off season we lost a few players but gained some too.  With what the Pirates have now here is what I expect to see at the start of the 2013 season

1B Jones/Sanchez
2B Walker
SS Barmes
3B Alverez
C Martin
LF Marte
CF Cutch
RF Jones/Snyder

Utility IF: Harrison
Utility OF: Presley
Backup Catcher: McKenry

Starting Pitchers:

In the Pen


This assumes no more moves, but we know Jones is on the block and no minor leaguers shine in spring training.

Marte proved he can do no worse than the other options did last year.  Will Martin fit with the pitching staff?  Will some of the pitching prospects play in the majors?  Will Sanchez and/or Snyder pick up their play?  Will Jay Bell as hitting coach change anything?

There are a lot of 'IFs' but just some minor improvements from 2012 could have the Pirates at .500 in 2013

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