Thursday, December 20, 2012

been awhile, been distracted...

Been semi-busy dealing with family stuff actually forgot I had this domain!  Oh yeah The Old Republic sucked me back in too.

Finally figured out how to make money on Youtube, Kinda small .. no really small amounts right now but I see the potential to be something fairly nice.  Looks like I'm averaging about 60 cents a day right now with just a little bit of work.  I wrote a small guide on how to get started... maybe i'll try to sell it for cheap too.

Lets see what else is new.  Oh new computer is a freaking beast.  Got a 1440p monitor for it and after some hiccups it is also pretty bad ass.

Our Baby is due any here in January so any day now, knowing my luck it won't matter after this week.

Slowly getting the old house cleaned out.  Still got boxes and boxes of stuff to get rid of and get our stuff put away... somewhere.

Obamacare is still complete bull crap.  Horrible planning and timing in general.  Who ever came up with this should be fired.  Taxing people for not buying something they couldn't afford to begin with?  LOL.  oh well it appears I'm exempt so I'm not worried about it too much

Finally got a new car,  Cadillac SRX.  Thing is a beast...  I didn't like leather seats but you put in the seat warmers and i'll love it all day.  It does have some blind spots and I still haven't figured out the voice activation stuff.

Saw the Hobbit in 3d twice this week.  Pretty good though i'm upset it is a 3 parter.  Hopefully they bang the movies right out.  Next year it looks like i'll be seeing alot of movies.  Man of Steel, Star Trek, Iron Man, World War Z.... going to be a good movie year.

Blu-Ray sucks... well no.. its cool but so damn expensive for the 3d Blu-Rays.  I want the Marvel collection but geeezzzz

Okay that is all i can think of right now.

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