Saturday, July 21, 2012

The 'Race Card' in voter id debate is drawn.

Apparently I am likely to 'harbor negative sentiments towards African Americans' according to “'he Nation' blog and a study by the University of Delaware. In the words of Spock, 'fascinating'


In another study, those who do not support some sort of voter ID reform are also more likely to have a name remarkably similar to those in Disney movies, be dead, or registered to vote in multiple locations. I would provide a link to this study, but it is a study I did over the course of about 15 seconds. In other words I am made it up.

I really didn't have anything against, 'The Nation' or the University of Delaware until they decided to play and push the 'race card' for political gains.

Clearly I support some type of voter ID law and I also support voter registration purges. Both should be done because clearly many citizens of this country cannot be trusted to be honest. Those that say that voter fraud is not a problem because the stats don't show there is one are blind. Go to and just search, you will see poll workers just handing out ballots. When these types of laws are in effect you will most likely see lower voter turn out and there will be complaining that it is because of disenfranchised voters. I see it another way, of the law not allowing people not eligible to vote.

What I don't support is the timing. First you cannot do it during a major race such as President. You have to give it a trial run when the peoples numbers are lower so you can figure out the problems you may not have thought of. Second you have to give people time, enough notice that they will need and ID or have been removed from the registration rolls so they can either get an ID or re-register. I would think 6 months would be good enough but a year would also do.

The last thing I would like to throw in there. Start putting a Photo on EBT cards and accept that as a form of ID. This would also help cut down on welfare fraud.

Just for the record, I am not racist. My Girl Friend is white.

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