Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pennsylvania Voter ID law... really?

In Pennsylvania you need a photo id to vote now (pending the courts review this month). 'They' are reporting that 758,000ish voters do not have ID from PennDot.

The left is complaining that new law disenfranchises the poor, elderly and minority voters. It seems highly democratic districts such as Philadelphia are the ones mostly effected by this with around 186,000 voters with out PennDot Ids.

The Law requires voters to have an acceptable form of photo id to vote. These forms of ID include a Drivers License, PennDot photo id (non-drivers), Student ID with an expiration date, a passport, Military ID or another form of Government ID.

Personally I think the idea is sound. Every election you hear of complaints of voter fraud. Last election I heard a story that a campaign had a bus full of people that would drive to different districts and vote in multiple locations. True story or not laws like this will keep them from gaining any recognition.

Here are some real questions.

Why do these people not have photo id?

Why does it seem a very large portion of these people live in Democratic districts?

Here is some speculation on my part, keep in mind I am just making this stuff up based on what I have read.

These people do not have a drivers license because they don't have a car because they cannot afford it. These same people don't have pass-ports because they cannot afford to travel. They do not have student ids because they cannot afford to go to school. Since they don't have a job apparently they do not have a government id and they're not in the military. Got the theme here, they are broke. They also happen to live in a democratic district. A 'simple' solution to this would be to add a photo to the Access card and allow it. This would also help cut down on welfare fraud.

Many of the elderly and disabled let their PennDot id expire because they cannot get it renewed because of physical limitations. It is a shame but it is also the way life goes.

Along those same lines, they may have died.

Students come and go, it is not a shock that some former students are still on PA's voter registration and not living in PA any longer.  It is also fairly safe to assume that new students would register as well.

These people do not exist. There have been many complaints of voter fraud. I would not be surprised if a detailed audit would turn up that a good portion of them 768,000ish voter registrations are fraudulent.

So why is the vast majority of these people in democratic districts? Well If my speculation above is even partially correct you have an idea.

Also keep in mind that the 768,000ish people are only counting id's from PennDot and not the other forms of acceptable id.

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