Sunday, March 4, 2012

NeoBux | One of the better Paid to Click (PTC) sites available

For the past few months I have been experimenting with Paid To Click sites (PTC). One of the better ones I have found is NeoBux.

NeoBux will generally have anywhere between 30-50 links for you to click on every day and usually 5-10 of them pay 1 cent or more. The rest are generally one-tenth of a cent. The key to earning any signifigant amount of money through NeoBux is referrals.

Neobux offers a service called Rented Referrals, basically you pay them and they have something click ads and you get partial credit. While some people have had some success with this, I have found it generally a money sink. After a few months of renting, recycling and renewing I have barely broken even. There is some speculation that the rented referrals are not real people. I do not suggest using Rented Referrals on a large scale, however if you want to try it you will want to start off fairly small.

The best type of Referral to get is Direct Referrals. These are real people clicking real ads but you are capped to how many you can have depending on your account status. Free members can have up to 30 direct referrals. To get more you have to upgrade to a golden account which is usually $90 a year.

There are also other perks. Each ad you click on you get a NeoPoint. The value of these points have declined a bit. One of the big things you can do with these points is purchase a golden membership at 30,000 NeoPoints. AdPrize is a newer feature NeoBux has started. Every time you click an ad you get 3 tickets. When you view these ads you have a chance of winning a prize. The prizes range from 10 neo points to $50 cash. They also give away some Golden memberships in there as well.

My final thoughts on NeoBux is that while the Rented Referral system appears to be a scam, the rest of the site works pretty well. You will not make a lot of money but if you are just sitting around on the computer anyway you can make a dollar or so a week with out any direct referrals. If you are able to get some direct referrals and they stay fairly active you can make much more.

If you are looking to try a PTC site, NeoBux is one of the better ones to go with.

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MomEnDoter said...

I am a Neobux and Probux member and I can say that they are legit site. But I am not using them as clickers anymore cuz I have discovered more profitable way than clicking ads. And it really boost my online earnings.
Btw, I like the design of your site, it looks very clean and professional.