Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates on websites

Lots of stuff going on in my personal/family life has prevented me from making any updates to the blog and updating my sites the past couple months.  Even though I have not been able to work on them much they keep growing and getting traffic and even getting Google Page Ranks (GPR) on some. - Alexa Rank around 2,252,000 No GPR.  This site is fairly high traffic.  With the release of the new Star Wars 3d and the Star Wars MMO the traffic has nearly doubled in recent months and is continuing to grow.

Star Trek Vids - Alexa Rank about 3,356,000 GPR 2.  I just started this site around September and it is getting decent traffic a month.  With Star Trek Online going Free to play and just the shear number of Trekies it is no wonder.

Silly Pussys - Alexa Rank around 7,307,000 GPR 2.  Who doesn't like watching cats do silly things?

U.S. Elections - Alexa Rank around 1,790,000 No GPR.  I doubt this will ever have a GPR because it is mainly a non-spinned news scrapper however its traffic is slowly growing and i expect it to continue to grow through the November elections

Domain Shopping - Alexa Rank around 1,573,000 No GPR.  It would be nice to get a GPR here but still fairly new and not SEO Optimized (yet)

Joe Wise - Alexa Rank 4,076,000 No GPR.  Of all the pages to get a GPR i figured this one would mainly because it is part of Google Blooger LOL.  No such luck but really do not care much as it is just my personal toilet I spew stuff on.

Cash One Solutions - Alexa Rank around 3,161,000 GPR 2. My work at home page.  I'm amazed it got a GPR.

Other Pages of note:
Create Computers GPR 2
eHostIt.Biz GPR 1
Give Me 5 Bucks GPR 1

Almost immediately after some of these pages got a GPR I noticed my traffic increasing on nearly all of them.  Which is good news but most are not really monetized all that well. (no ads or selling stuff).  This is 'okay' for now but eventually they need to start bringing in more than 10 cents a day.  Considering that I've put NO work into them the past three months I think they are doing fairly well.

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