Saturday, December 29, 2012

Potential Pirate Free Agent Targets?

Casey Kotchman 1b – has up and down seasons Should be relatively cheap

Ryan Therot 2nd/SS - An upgrade to SS from the plate but his fielding is not the best.

Adam Kennedy – IF – It's nice to have players that can play most of the infield positions. Had a decent average and should be cheap.

Yuniesky Betancourt – SS/2nd – another upgrade in the line up at short and should be cheaper.

Some of the biggest needs for the Pirates are extending Garret Jones and getting a first baseman or right fielder. Nothing against Sanchez or Snyder but from what little i've seen they are not the players to do that. I've been wrong before though.

Getting a better bat at the short stop position. Barmes is pretty good in the field but at the plate he has had problems. So the question is do you hope a new hitting coach will help or do you go buy and upgrade?

Bullpen help is also needed of course.  Many of the options are priced too high for Pittsburgh.  Other than some minor signings and those pulled in from The Hammer trade, I don't see any major moves.

My guess is for the most part they stand pat with the rest of the position players unless they deal Jones.  Hopefully Snyder/Sanchez/Marte/Barmes improve some and Alvarez doesn't get any worse

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pirates offseason moves and next year?

Well the end of the world came and went, we are still here.  A global meltdown did not put us Pirate fans out of our misery.

So far this off season we lost a few players but gained some too.  With what the Pirates have now here is what I expect to see at the start of the 2013 season

1B Jones/Sanchez
2B Walker
SS Barmes
3B Alverez
C Martin
LF Marte
CF Cutch
RF Jones/Snyder

Utility IF: Harrison
Utility OF: Presley
Backup Catcher: McKenry

Starting Pitchers:

In the Pen


This assumes no more moves, but we know Jones is on the block and no minor leaguers shine in spring training.

Marte proved he can do no worse than the other options did last year.  Will Martin fit with the pitching staff?  Will some of the pitching prospects play in the majors?  Will Sanchez and/or Snyder pick up their play?  Will Jay Bell as hitting coach change anything?

There are a lot of 'IFs' but just some minor improvements from 2012 could have the Pirates at .500 in 2013

Thursday, December 20, 2012

been awhile, been distracted...

Been semi-busy dealing with family stuff actually forgot I had this domain!  Oh yeah The Old Republic sucked me back in too.

Finally figured out how to make money on Youtube, Kinda small .. no really small amounts right now but I see the potential to be something fairly nice.  Looks like I'm averaging about 60 cents a day right now with just a little bit of work.  I wrote a small guide on how to get started... maybe i'll try to sell it for cheap too.

Lets see what else is new.  Oh new computer is a freaking beast.  Got a 1440p monitor for it and after some hiccups it is also pretty bad ass.

Our Baby is due any here in January so any day now, knowing my luck it won't matter after this week.

Slowly getting the old house cleaned out.  Still got boxes and boxes of stuff to get rid of and get our stuff put away... somewhere.

Obamacare is still complete bull crap.  Horrible planning and timing in general.  Who ever came up with this should be fired.  Taxing people for not buying something they couldn't afford to begin with?  LOL.  oh well it appears I'm exempt so I'm not worried about it too much

Finally got a new car,  Cadillac SRX.  Thing is a beast...  I didn't like leather seats but you put in the seat warmers and i'll love it all day.  It does have some blind spots and I still haven't figured out the voice activation stuff.

Saw the Hobbit in 3d twice this week.  Pretty good though i'm upset it is a 3 parter.  Hopefully they bang the movies right out.  Next year it looks like i'll be seeing alot of movies.  Man of Steel, Star Trek, Iron Man, World War Z.... going to be a good movie year.

Blu-Ray sucks... well no.. its cool but so damn expensive for the 3d Blu-Rays.  I want the Marvel collection but geeezzzz

Okay that is all i can think of right now.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New computer build log.

I finally got my system built and created a very crappy video build log.  Below is the video.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Computer and Network Upgrades

Time for a massive computer upgrade. I did an upgrade early last summer to an AMD 1090T, at the time it was one step down from AMD's highest offering but still largely out performed by Intels moderate offerings. At that time my focus was for gaming and it worked really well except for in The Old Republic.

Now I decided to go with Intel. The word on the street is Intel's Ivy Bridge. Yeah it is great from all the benchmarks I have seen. It's price point isn't out of this world either but the current offerings do not have a couple things I am looking for. (6 core/12 thread or insane amounts of ram). I considered some Xeon options briefly, but I found them limiting. The spot in between for me was Sandy Bridge-E.

The Intel i7-3930k at $570 is a little pricey considering many Ivy Bridge processors perform just about as well (if not better) per core, but they are limited to 4 cores giving the i7-3930k a bonus to applications like Adobe After Effects and other applications that can take advantage of the extra cores. The i7-3960x at around $1,100 is just to darn expensive for the moderate speed increase.

The motherboard that this will run on is the Asus Rampage IV Extreme. $470 is a nice chunk of change to put into a motherboard but it has nearly everything you could want in a motherboard. Lots of USB3 and USB2, lots of SATA II/III connections, RAID, Quad SLI PCIE 3.0, 8 DIMM Slots for 64GB of ram.. and much more. Despite my problems with Asus I went with it anyway.

You cannot have a system with out RAM and I got some, 64GB or G.Skill Ripjaws Z Series PC 1600. 32GB would have been more than enough at $170, but at the price doubling it up for $340 for the option of a nice sized RAM Cache or Disk.

For Storage, well really just applications I plan to run, storage is handled by a NAS (below), I picked two Solid State Drives. The first drive is a 256GB Samsung 830 for windows and what ever programs I choose to run. The second drive is a ADATA XPG 128GB that will be used primarily for temp files (like adobe cache). The two together cost around $300, I caught a sale. I considered RAID 0 but unless you meet specific requirements RAID and SSDs lack some important features (like TRIM). New drivers for the Intel controllers are said to fix this and I may upgrade at some point once the bugs are ironed out.

The i7's do not come with a stock cooler like the average CPU. It seems silly at that price point. I had to pick up a cooler. Decent air cooling runs between $30-$70. I figured I would go ahead and try Liquid cooling. I picked up a Corsair H60 closed loop cooler. It should be enough cooling until I decide to over clock. If I should decide to clock the CPU up I can get another cooler and put this in my current AMD 1090T setup which tends to run rather warm.

To power the system I got a Cooler Master Silent Pro. CM has come a long way in recent years to making better quality products. At 1000W it is over kill for this setup but was only a little more than the 850W and gives me the option of going to Quad SLI some time.

I am recycling my current video card (Radeon 6870) and DVD-Burner. Currently the 6870 is still holding its own in the mid-range gaming market and the DVD-Burner will really only be used to install my OS.

This system will be housed in a Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case. No I didn’t' buy it because it said Storm Trooper, It was just bonus. This is a big case with a lot of great options. It has an X-Dock, USB3, eSATA, fan controller, lots of drive bays and expansion slots and good cooling options. At $150 it was hard to not buy it.

For OS I decided to make sure everything was on the Up and Up and purchased Windows 7 Ultimate Retail for $290. I could have gotten the OEM system builder version for about a hundred less. With the OEM version though you receive NO support from Microsoft and if your motherboard dies you are supposed to have to buy a new OS. (lots of people get around that though). I figure spend a little extra for the flexibility. If adobe worked well on *nix I would've just went with Slackware.

I also bought a Logitech G700 mouse. Let me tell you this thing is amazing. If you are trying to decide between a RAZER Naga and this... get the Logitech. I may buy another for my Xbox.

I picked up a couple little things as well...

Total System Price ~$2,350 ($2500 was my soft limit)

For Storage, I decided that I didn't want any mechanical drives in my system but with video work I am going to need lots of storage. I picked up a Synology Disk Station 412+ with three 2TB Western Digital Green drives. This thing is amazing. Not only do you get your standard NAS options, you have built in personal cloud (dropbox type thing) and a bunch of other great utilities. It was worth the extra couple hundred. Synology's Hybrid Raid (shr) is pretty nice too.

The Western Digital Greens are very nice and work, however they do park often to save power. This means they make a little noise every so often. It is not dangerous from what I can tell but it is annoying. When I make changes to this setup I will be replacing them with the Red Series.

The network here was in dire need of upgrading. Most of the devices where running on wireless through a Verizon router. My TV, Patriot Box, Xbox, 2 Phones and 2 Laptops. I picked up a NetGear 8 port GigaBit Switch for my computer, NAS and Uplinks. A 5port GigaBit for my TV/Patriot Box/Xbox and a NetGear wireless extender for the upstairs along with some Cat5e. All worked well except for the Wireless extender. I was under the impression that it would route wireless through the switch, it turns out that it doesn't. I ended up using an older Belkin Wireless N router set in Access Point mode for the upstairs.

The network upgrades made a huge difference.

Total Network Price ~$1,350

Here is a little video of the network parts on my kitchen table.

Total Price for both ~$3,700 (about $1300 under budget)

I also have around $100 in rebates to fill out and also got about $50 worth of points by purchasing with newegg. Would've been closer to $100 but I used for the network order.

The computer parts should arrive tomorrow or the next day.

Future updates will include Monitors, waiting for Black Friday deals to see what happens there, adding another SSD for RAID, another mouse for the Xbox, and More/better storage for the NAS.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The 'Race Card' in voter id debate is drawn.

Apparently I am likely to 'harbor negative sentiments towards African Americans' according to “'he Nation' blog and a study by the University of Delaware. In the words of Spock, 'fascinating'


In another study, those who do not support some sort of voter ID reform are also more likely to have a name remarkably similar to those in Disney movies, be dead, or registered to vote in multiple locations. I would provide a link to this study, but it is a study I did over the course of about 15 seconds. In other words I am made it up.

I really didn't have anything against, 'The Nation' or the University of Delaware until they decided to play and push the 'race card' for political gains.

Clearly I support some type of voter ID law and I also support voter registration purges. Both should be done because clearly many citizens of this country cannot be trusted to be honest. Those that say that voter fraud is not a problem because the stats don't show there is one are blind. Go to and just search, you will see poll workers just handing out ballots. When these types of laws are in effect you will most likely see lower voter turn out and there will be complaining that it is because of disenfranchised voters. I see it another way, of the law not allowing people not eligible to vote.

What I don't support is the timing. First you cannot do it during a major race such as President. You have to give it a trial run when the peoples numbers are lower so you can figure out the problems you may not have thought of. Second you have to give people time, enough notice that they will need and ID or have been removed from the registration rolls so they can either get an ID or re-register. I would think 6 months would be good enough but a year would also do.

The last thing I would like to throw in there. Start putting a Photo on EBT cards and accept that as a form of ID. This would also help cut down on welfare fraud.

Just for the record, I am not racist. My Girl Friend is white.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pittsburgh Pirates, Serious.

Back in December I commented on some ofthe Pirates off season moves. Now that we're coming up on the trade dead line I figure I'll take a stroll though that post and also go over some of the guys that Pirates should be looking to pick up. Of course this is just a fan's point of view.

Right now the Pirates are 51-50, 11 games over .500, a half game out of first place with only 4 teams in all of Major League Baseball that have a better record.

After a horrible offensive start to the year, being held up by top notch pitching and on the bat of Andrew McCutchen, they where at or near last in nearly every offensive category. The teams bats started lighting up at the end of May. Nearly every player started getting hits when needed. It was truly one of the best performances by a MLB team I have seen in years.

The star of the team is Andrew McCutchen who is leading the league in Batting Average of .369 and is in the top 5 for Home Runs and RBIs. As of right now he is a Triple Crown and MVP candidate. Not enough can be said for his individual performance this year. Neil Walker the past month has been outstanding as well raising his average to .299

Pittsburgh's pitching staff has been outstanding with little downside. James McDonald and A.J. Burnett have been the top two starters along with Eric Bedard, Kevin Correia and recently off the DL Jeff Karstens. A couple others have made a few starts as well. Over the season the team ERA is 3.55 good enough for sixth in the MLB and a opponent batting average of .245 which puts them at eighth.

Last year around this time the Pirates picked up Derrick Lee and Ryan Ludwick. I was excited but I am not a huge fan of rentals, which turned out what they where. They didn't seem to make a huge impact and the moves may have made things worse.

In the off season the Pirates signed Clint Barmes to replace Cedano at short. At that point I didn't think any one could be much worse at the plate than Cedano was. Turns out Barmes has not hit much of anything this year. Though he has had some clutch hits this year. Barmes has been fairly steady fielding but has made a few errors that have been entertaining. At short it is hard to find an available player, but over all he is overpaid in my opinion.

Rod Barajas was another pickup that I thought was over paid. His base speed and hitting are far from the best but his experience and ability with the pitchers is worth a lot. While I still feel he is a little over paid, over all I think it has been a good pickup.

Nate McLouth did not last long in his second stint in Pittsburgh. He did not cost much to bring back though it clearly was still too much.

Erik Bedard, I am pretty disappointed in his performance. I didn't expect him to win 20 games but teams seem to have his number. Seems to throw good pitches but they just all get hit. Once someone figures out why I think he'll be dangerous.

A.J. Burnett is the best player on the Pirates the Yankees are paying for. Between him and Barajas, I feel have helped the confidence of the whole pitching staff.

Casey McGehee, Hasn't been the best but was fairly cheap and can play first and third.

Position check.

First Base: Jones and McGehee have been platooning the role and doing fairly well. Hague has come up to play the position fairly well too. In the line up you want to have Jones in when you can.

Second Base: Walker has been a beast at the plate the past month, his fielding has been better than average.

Short Stop: Barmes has done a fair job fielding but over all at the plate has been pretty bad. A few others have filled in from time to time but over all right now Barmes is the best option.

Third Base: Alverez has come alive. Tied for fourth in the NL in Home runs and eleventh in RBIs. He has also got some clutch hits. His average and OBP are rather low and his strike out number is still pretty high but he has made a huge leap this year and seems to be getting better as the year goes on. McGehee also fills in when Alverez is on rest or has a bad pitching matchup.

Catcher: Barajas as played the position great though batting hasn't been the best he does have power. McKenry has also played pretty well. Picking off people taking second has been pretty bad.

Outfield. The only sure thing out there is Andrew McCutchen. One of the better Center fielders in baseball along with his bad make him a serious MVP contender this year. Left and right are up in the air. Jones has been playing some Right field Not the best but far from the worst. Presley, Sutton and Hernandez have been playing left.

Pitching. A.J. and J-Mac have been outstanding. Karstens is doing pretty well since his return. Correia has been holding his own. Bedard continues to get hit on, Though his last outing was pretty darn good. (one earned run, yeah good). In the bullpen, Lincon and Grilli have been darn good with Hanrahan closing. It is hard to argue they're not doing well though some improvements can be made.

There are some players available at the trade dead line that could fill some gaps, most notably short and outfield.

Justin Upton: While Arizona hasn't said he is on the market, they are listening... which means he is on the market. I like this guy but his numbers out side of Arizona take a dive. He is under contract through 2015, has a decent enough glove and could do as well as any other option we currently have available. The cost will be high

Carlos Quentin: This guy gets on base. But most likely would just be a rental. However he would be cheap and give us time to find or develop another out field option.

Marco Scutaro: Shortstop is much needed, this guy can play it and is better than average behind the plate. Again most likely a rental given his age. However should he decide to stay in Pittsburgh, he shouldn't cost any more than Barmes has.

There are plenty of available rentals available at pitcher as well. However I do not feel most of these would be viable for the Pirates at this time.

In the minors there appears to be a few players that are nearing their time.

Marte could be the outfielder the pirates need though his strike out numbers seem a bit high. Cole, we've been hearing about him since he was drafted. I see both of these players getting some time in this year.

Again all this is just a fans point of view, I am by far an expert.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seneca Nation of Indians vs New York State. Gaming compact.

I just read a story in the Buffalo News and skimmed through the comments. It is pretty amazing how little people know about the issues that are effecting them directly. The story involves the Seneca Nation's Casino in Niagara Falls and the City of Niagara falling apart due to with held payments from the Seneca's. According to the story, the Seneca Nation currently owe around $58 Million to the City of Niagara over the past three years.

I'll preface the rest of this post by saying I am not a Lawyer or Politician, I know I don't have all the information, but clearly after reading some of the comments on the story; I know more about it than the people directly effected (and I live about 3 and a half hours away).

So in 2002, New York State and the Seneca Nation of Indians put together what they call a Gaming Compact that allowed the Seneca Nation to put up a few Las Vegas style casinos in New York State. In this Gaming Compact (found here: the Seneca Nations agreed to pay the state and local municipalities a portion of the take in. The compact also provided for exclusive rights to the Seneca Nation for large portions of Western New York State. This seemed to work well for everyone involved (money wise) for a few years.

In recent years New York State, like many other states; have approved what they called racinos that are basically race tracks with slot machines in them. Some of these racinos are in the Seneca Nations Exclusive zone. Because a deal could not be worked out and it appears the Seneca Nations grievances have been ignored (at least it looks that way) the Seneca Nation with held payments to New York State. The last number I have seen suggests the amount was around $300 Million, I would speculate that the total is now closer to $400 Million but do not hold me to that.

Since the problem with the Compact is NOT the local municipalities (mostly Niagara and Salamanca) and they are in a tough spot financially, the Seneca Nation offered to pay them their portion directly. The way the deal works, for local municipalities to get their money they have to go through the state so they can take their processing fees out of it. Of course New York State did not want this so they said they COULD NOT do this.

What is the result? Run down buildings, streets falling apart and layoffs. Is this the fault of the inability of New York State and the Seneca Nation to work out a deal? I would have to say no. It would've happened anyway. New York States failed financial policies are well known and only seem to be getting worse. However the payments surely where helping and could have continued helping.

The Gaming Compact provided New York State away to help themselves and to help the Seneca Nation. It was a true Win Win situation (financially speaking) for everyone.

I am not sure at what stage the conflict is now, but I heard something about arbitration not too long ago. The arbitration could be bad news for all parties from New York State not getting any money to the Seneca Nation not having any exclusive zone.

In my opinion the safest way...
  • Calculate how much the Seneca Nation lost because of the zone breach.
  • Do some math and take that out of the amount 'owed' to New York State.
  • A reasonably sized fine to the State for breaking the Compact out of the State's portion NOT the municipalities, paid to the Seneca Nation from the State of New York.
  • Change the Gaming Compact so that the Seneca Nation can and will pay municipalities directly.
  • The Seneca Nation to pay the remainder to effected parties directly.
  • Order the racinos in the zone to pay a portion of their gambling take ins to those they hurt the past few years (mostly Niagara and Salamanca areas). All be it a pretty small portion.
  • Further bar any more racinos/casinos in the Seneca Nations exclusive rights zone.
  • Ask that the municipalities set some of the payments back for use for emergency funding for natural or financial disasters.

Personally I don't like it, clearly New York State broke their contract with the Seneca Nation. But something like this would help everyone right away pretty quickly. Assuming everyone sticks to it, it would also provide for future financial security.

So it comes down to, who is the bad guy?  Who ever gave the racinos their permit inside the Exclusive zone. Also who disallowed payments directly to the municipalities? No one is completely in the right in this but from what I see New York State caused the most harm to those directly effected.

Some of the comments on the Buffalo News site are pretty outlandish from people who are effected by this situation.  I feel for them, but don't let anger and frustration cloud your judgement. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pennsylvania Voter ID law... really?

In Pennsylvania you need a photo id to vote now (pending the courts review this month). 'They' are reporting that 758,000ish voters do not have ID from PennDot.

The left is complaining that new law disenfranchises the poor, elderly and minority voters. It seems highly democratic districts such as Philadelphia are the ones mostly effected by this with around 186,000 voters with out PennDot Ids.

The Law requires voters to have an acceptable form of photo id to vote. These forms of ID include a Drivers License, PennDot photo id (non-drivers), Student ID with an expiration date, a passport, Military ID or another form of Government ID.

Personally I think the idea is sound. Every election you hear of complaints of voter fraud. Last election I heard a story that a campaign had a bus full of people that would drive to different districts and vote in multiple locations. True story or not laws like this will keep them from gaining any recognition.

Here are some real questions.

Why do these people not have photo id?

Why does it seem a very large portion of these people live in Democratic districts?

Here is some speculation on my part, keep in mind I am just making this stuff up based on what I have read.

These people do not have a drivers license because they don't have a car because they cannot afford it. These same people don't have pass-ports because they cannot afford to travel. They do not have student ids because they cannot afford to go to school. Since they don't have a job apparently they do not have a government id and they're not in the military. Got the theme here, they are broke. They also happen to live in a democratic district. A 'simple' solution to this would be to add a photo to the Access card and allow it. This would also help cut down on welfare fraud.

Many of the elderly and disabled let their PennDot id expire because they cannot get it renewed because of physical limitations. It is a shame but it is also the way life goes.

Along those same lines, they may have died.

Students come and go, it is not a shock that some former students are still on PA's voter registration and not living in PA any longer.  It is also fairly safe to assume that new students would register as well.

These people do not exist. There have been many complaints of voter fraud. I would not be surprised if a detailed audit would turn up that a good portion of them 768,000ish voter registrations are fraudulent.

So why is the vast majority of these people in democratic districts? Well If my speculation above is even partially correct you have an idea.

Also keep in mind that the 768,000ish people are only counting id's from PennDot and not the other forms of acceptable id.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Reform, AHA/Obamacare fuzzy numbers

I wrote this July 21st 2009 trying to figure out the numbers the Administration was putting out about the number of uninsured Americans.  I figured with the ruling to day i would re-post it to help remind people that 'we' where tricked.
I read that President Obama said that 46 million Americans are not insured today and that number seemed a little off to me so I did some looking.

I found that the National Coalition on Health Care (linked below) has done some research and it appears this is the information the Administration is using to help scare us in to spending trillions of tax payer dollars every year.

Here are some of the highlights:

"Nearly 46 million Americans, or 18 percent of the population under the age of 65, were without health insurance in 2007, the latest government data available."

OH NO! That's a large portion of our population!!!

"The large majority of the uninsured (80 percent) are native or naturalized citizens."

What other kind of citizens are there? None that I know about so 20% of the uninsured are in fact not Americans (at least not yet), so 20% of 46 million is about 9 million so really 37 million Americans are not insured. Still a huge portion of people.

"The number of uninsured children in 2007 was 8.1 million or 10.7 percent of all children in the U.S."

OH NO THE KIDS!!! THEY NEED THEIR PROZAC!!! Wait now... If I'm not mistaken many if not all states offer some sort of medical coverage to uninsured children providing their parent(s) meet the income requirements and well if you cannot afford insurance for your child chances are you do. Based on that there goes another 7 million off of the 46 million total. Now we are at 30 million still a large portion of Americans.

"The percentage and the number of uninsured Hispanics increased to 32.1 percent and 15 million in 2007"

At the risk of sounding non-PC here, could that fall in to the native or naturalized citizens? Nothing changes here just because there is no clarification on that issue.

"Nearly 40 percent of the uninsured population reside in households that earn $50,000 or more. A growing number of middle-income families cannot afford health insurance payments even when coverage is offered by their employers."

This is where it all falls apart really. If your family make $50,000 a year you can afford to get insurance regardless of weather your employer offers it. If you fall in this group then it is my humble opinion that you would rather spend your money on other things than health care. Which is fine you have that right just don't come to me asking me to help pay for your liver transplant or what ever. The other possible reason is that you may have had to switch companies and cannot get into new insurance because of pre-existing conditions. That is a problem which does need looked into. So okay, 40% of 46 million is roughly 18 million taking into consideration some of them fall into the pre-existing condition category. So now we are down to 19 million.

19 million uninsured Americans that want to be insured, is still horrible but I also wonder now many of these 19 million are left over are on welfare and also collecting health care from the state. I think it is safe to say about half. I am absolutely positive one could further reduce that number with much more research that I am not able to do because well I have already proven my point that the numbers the President, his Administration and Supporters are quoting are outlandish. It is a scare tactic folks, we fell for it before do let them fool us again!

It is possible some of my assumptions are off and welcome someone to correct me.

Thursday, June 7, 2012 a casualty of war.

So I use Facebook like pretty much every other 'tool' out there, one of my long time friends posted a link to titled Rock the Slut Vote. So I go to the page figuring I would learn a little bit more about what makes women so mad and I was surprised to find out there is very little real information there other than them complaining about the GOP.  Now I have absolutely nothing against women in general in fact some of my best friends are women but this is just getting, well stupid. They have a list of 'Propaganda' they try to discredit 'the other side' so I figure I will go through this one by one too see if they're 'arguments' are valid. First i'll copy and paste what they say.
Propaganda: We need to restrict abortion access because sex-selective abortion rates are a problem in the U.S.

Truth: The U.S. sex ratio, at 1.05 males for every female, is squarely within biologically normal parameters.
The real truth, Selective Sex abortions are bad period. If you didn't want a baby boy then you shouldn't have tried to get pregnant and adopted a girl. I haven't read the actual bill restrict sex-selective abortions and the bill might be pointless but if you are against this then you have no heart.
Propaganda: The cost of Medicaid-funded family planning services is an unjustifiable national expense that the government cannot afford.

Truth: "These efforts save almost $4 for every $1 invested and help avert almost two million unintended pregnancies per year, which would otherwise have resulted in 860,000 unintended births and 810,000 abortions. Without these services, the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions occurring in the United States would be nearly two-thirds higher among women overall and among teens; the number of unintended pregnancies among poor women would nearly double."
The real truth, I never heard that family planing was unjustified. What I heard is that government funded abortions is. Listen I'm against abortions that is no secret but a very large portion of our country is not against them. That portion is large enough to keep them legal but do not force a very large portion of our country to pay for them. I also heard that many do not feel family planning should provide contraception. My thoughts, I don't think family planning should provide expensive contraception. Condoms are cheap, you can order them in bulk for cheap. The cost needs reigned in yes, we cannot afford it any more, however they do not need shut down to do so. Long story short, quit asking for free shit.
Propaganda: Women's reproductive rights are not under attack.

Truth: More than 50% of women now live in states hostile to abortion.
The real truth, Abortion is a reproductive right? I thought sex was? Seriously if you don't want kids don't have sex.
Propaganda: Teens who receive sex education in school are more likely to be sexually active and promiscuous.

Truth: "Respondents who had received instruction on both abstinence and birth control were older at first sex than their peers who had received no formal instruction and were more likely to have used condoms or other contraceptives at first sex; they also had healthier partnerships."
The Real Truth, Parents who do not teach their kids to be responsible are more likely to have problems with their children. Do not leave it to the schools to teach your children about life because they often screw up. No disrespect to teachers intended.
Propaganda: There is a clear causal relationship between abortions and women's mental health issues.

Truth: "A study purporting to show a causal link between abortion and subsequent mental health problems has fundamental analytical errors that render its conclusions invalid, according to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the Guttmacher Institute. Although debunked...mandatory counseling laws in a number of states now require women seeking an abortion to receive information, purportedly medically accurate, that has no basis in fact. Among other things, mandatory counseling can require that a woman be told that having an abortion increases her risk of breast cancer, infertility and mental illness. In reality, none of these claims are medically accurate. These laws not only represent a gross intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship, they serve to propagate misinformation, intentionally misinforming the patient on important medical matters."
The Real Truth, Most women I know who have considered or had an abortion have, or do have mental health issues. Heck I considered it for less than one minute and it drove me nuts for a week. Here is the deal. If abortions where common place, women would not worry so much about getting pregnant cause if you did you can just terminate and continue living your life. You don't know how something like this will effect you until it is done. Women should have all the information and talking to people who have experienced the 'side-effects' of abortion are the best people to talk too, to get the information.
Propaganda: Teen births and abortion rates are at all-time highs. Truth: Teen pregnancies have declined dramatically in the United States since their peak in the early 1990s, as have the births and abortions that result; in 2008, teen pregnancies reached their lowest level in nearly 40 years.
The real truth, From what I can tell, they're both right, and both wrong. It appears to be a fuzzy math thing.. skipping
Propaganda: Poor, uninsured women have most of the abortions that are performed past 16 weeks gestation.

Truth: "...Once other factors were taken into account, women with family incomes of at least 200% of poverty were more likely than poor women to obtain abortions at this stage. Patterns in insurance and income suggest that the higher cost and decreased availability of abortion services at later gestations may make them less accessible for poor women and those who pay out-of-pocket."
The Real Truth, The same site they cited from say that while abortions rates are over all falling, say that the rate in the poor has been on the rise. “According to Guttmacher, poor women accounted for 42% of all abortions in 2008, and their abortion rate increased 18% between 2000 and 2008...”
Propaganda: The vast majority of women use birth control solely to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Truth: Only 42% use the pill exclusively for contraceptive reasons.
The Real Truth, WTF are you getting it from family planning for then? Go do a doctor. Family planning is not equal to a family doctor.
Propaganda: Marriage is the solution for women having problems with unwanted pregnancies.

Truth: Poor women who are married have unintended pregnancy rates more than twice as high as those of higher-income women who are unmarried or cohabiting.
The Real Truth, yeah both statements are just stupid... next.
Propaganda: Abortion rates for low-income women have risen because poor women routinely use abortion as a form of birth control.

Truth: "..the ongoing economic recession may have made it harder for poor women to obtain contraceptive services, resulting in more unintended pregnancies. In addition, when confronted with an unintended pregnancy, women who might have felt equipped to support a child or another child in a more stable economic climate may have decided that they were unable to do so during a time of economic uncertainty."
The Real Truth, some women DO see it this way. Luckily the vast majority do not. I don't think either side of the argument want it to be that way. It is really what I would like to prevent. However,'s argument just seems stupid, the in ablitly to get contraception is not a valid reason to get an abortion, it is a valid reason not to have sex though.
Propaganda: The government should not have to pay for contraceptive and family planning services for low-income women.

Truth: "The estimates of the cost to taxpayers of providing medical services to women who experience unintended pregnancies and to the infants who are born as a result of such pregnancies range between $9.6 and $12.6 billion per year, and average $11.3 billion. The estimates of the public savings that would result if these unintended pregnancies were prevented range from $4.7 billion to $6.2 billion per year, and average $5.6 billion."
The Real Truth, The government shouldn't be paying for it, they also shouldn't be giving any of us any sort of health care or entitlements. We 'should' be able to do it ourselves. But that is another story. It is, in my opinion that government should have a limit to what they'll pay for. Cheap contraceptives only. If you need something else for purposes other than contraception, go to your family doctor.
Propaganda: Affordable contraceptives are not important to Catholic and Evangelical Christian women.

Truth: "Most sexually active women who do not want to become pregnant practice contraception, and most use highly effective methods like sterilization, the pill, or the IUD. This is true for Evangelicals and Mainline Protestants, and it is true for Catholics, despite the Catholic hierarchy's strenuous opposition to contraception."
The Real Truth, Most people only care what effects them regardless of religion. I'm with on this one. Though I do not see what this has to do with 'war on women' other than some republican probably said this so they felt like attacking it.
Propaganda: Most women who have abortions do so without the consent or support of their partners.

Truth: "Nearly nine in 10 women who are cohabiting or married report that their partner knew about their abortion (88% and 87%, respectively) and that he was supportive (82% and 87%). By contrast, 72% of divorced and separated women reported that their partner knew and 66% said that he was supportive. Additionally, women in long-term relationships were more likely than those not in a relationship or in a relationship of less than one year to report both that their partner knew and that he was supportive. Only 12% of women reported that they had not been in a relationship with the man who got them pregnant, but a majority of these women reported that he still knew about the pregnancy and that he was supportive (61% and 64%)."
The real truth, again the math just doesn't look right here with conflicting information out there. This is the real kicker to me though. Women talk about a war on them when fathers have hardly any rights to their child.

Okay so we go through this section of their site and you can see nearly all the information has to do with Abortion and Family planning. Apparently the war on women is not really a war on women, it is a war to protect the dignity of pregnancy and children.   I was expecting something more myself, you know something along the lines of taking the right to vote away from women or not allowing them to serve in the military.   Possibly maybe something about jobs and unemployment.

If I had to give this site a rating I would give it a 2/10 right now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

NeoBux | One of the better Paid to Click (PTC) sites available

For the past few months I have been experimenting with Paid To Click sites (PTC). One of the better ones I have found is NeoBux.

NeoBux will generally have anywhere between 30-50 links for you to click on every day and usually 5-10 of them pay 1 cent or more. The rest are generally one-tenth of a cent. The key to earning any signifigant amount of money through NeoBux is referrals.

Neobux offers a service called Rented Referrals, basically you pay them and they have something click ads and you get partial credit. While some people have had some success with this, I have found it generally a money sink. After a few months of renting, recycling and renewing I have barely broken even. There is some speculation that the rented referrals are not real people. I do not suggest using Rented Referrals on a large scale, however if you want to try it you will want to start off fairly small.

The best type of Referral to get is Direct Referrals. These are real people clicking real ads but you are capped to how many you can have depending on your account status. Free members can have up to 30 direct referrals. To get more you have to upgrade to a golden account which is usually $90 a year.

There are also other perks. Each ad you click on you get a NeoPoint. The value of these points have declined a bit. One of the big things you can do with these points is purchase a golden membership at 30,000 NeoPoints. AdPrize is a newer feature NeoBux has started. Every time you click an ad you get 3 tickets. When you view these ads you have a chance of winning a prize. The prizes range from 10 neo points to $50 cash. They also give away some Golden memberships in there as well.

My final thoughts on NeoBux is that while the Rented Referral system appears to be a scam, the rest of the site works pretty well. You will not make a lot of money but if you are just sitting around on the computer anyway you can make a dollar or so a week with out any direct referrals. If you are able to get some direct referrals and they stay fairly active you can make much more.

If you are looking to try a PTC site, NeoBux is one of the better ones to go with.

Find more work at home solutions at Cash One Solutions

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Traffic High

I was just checking my Google Analytics for Naboo.Org and realized that the traffic has greatly increased the past few months.

According to Google it has around 1,350 Visitors with about 2,550 Page Views. and this past February had about 4,700 Visitors and 6,400 Page Views is doing pretty well too at 215 Visits is in October and 2,300 Visits this past February.

With luck both these sites will continue to grow.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates on websites

Lots of stuff going on in my personal/family life has prevented me from making any updates to the blog and updating my sites the past couple months.  Even though I have not been able to work on them much they keep growing and getting traffic and even getting Google Page Ranks (GPR) on some. - Alexa Rank around 2,252,000 No GPR.  This site is fairly high traffic.  With the release of the new Star Wars 3d and the Star Wars MMO the traffic has nearly doubled in recent months and is continuing to grow.

Star Trek Vids - Alexa Rank about 3,356,000 GPR 2.  I just started this site around September and it is getting decent traffic a month.  With Star Trek Online going Free to play and just the shear number of Trekies it is no wonder.

Silly Pussys - Alexa Rank around 7,307,000 GPR 2.  Who doesn't like watching cats do silly things?

U.S. Elections - Alexa Rank around 1,790,000 No GPR.  I doubt this will ever have a GPR because it is mainly a non-spinned news scrapper however its traffic is slowly growing and i expect it to continue to grow through the November elections

Domain Shopping - Alexa Rank around 1,573,000 No GPR.  It would be nice to get a GPR here but still fairly new and not SEO Optimized (yet)

Joe Wise - Alexa Rank 4,076,000 No GPR.  Of all the pages to get a GPR i figured this one would mainly because it is part of Google Blooger LOL.  No such luck but really do not care much as it is just my personal toilet I spew stuff on.

Cash One Solutions - Alexa Rank around 3,161,000 GPR 2. My work at home page.  I'm amazed it got a GPR.

Other Pages of note:
Create Computers GPR 2
eHostIt.Biz GPR 1
Give Me 5 Bucks GPR 1

Almost immediately after some of these pages got a GPR I noticed my traffic increasing on nearly all of them.  Which is good news but most are not really monetized all that well. (no ads or selling stuff).  This is 'okay' for now but eventually they need to start bringing in more than 10 cents a day.  Considering that I've put NO work into them the past three months I think they are doing fairly well.