Sunday, December 4, 2011

Updates on things and stuff

New things.


I found a good web site to make a few dollars. is a site where you can list your talents for sale for $5 ( of which you receive $4 ). My initial experience with it is positive. If you got a talent you may want to check it out.

I got a site to promote my Fiverr micro jobs.

After Effects
I bit the bullet and decided to learn how to use Adobe After Effects. I was surprised how easy it is to use for basic tasks. I'm also very impressed what some people do with it. Hopefully someday I am as good as some of them. Some of the projects I have done are for sale on Fiverr.

YouTube Channel
I started posting videos to YouTube a while back mostly videos from some of the games I have been playing.

Awesome, check my YouTube channel for some early looks at next years game of the year.

Piss off. You're almost as bad as Google. Sorry Google you have become a monster, but because of the circumstances I have to use you two. I am considering a Facebook like and G+ 1 push just to see what happens and to see if I can get a thousand before the end of the year.

Castleville on Facebook.
you are and evil evil app and must be purged.

Boss on Starz
I just love this show and not because of the random sex shots. Check it out.

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