Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pittsburgh Pirates .. Seriously?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Pirates fan. Last year showed us Pirate fans that we can do it. Before last year started I was just hoping to get close to .500 and at the half way point it looked as if a play off run was possible.

What happened, the front office decided to spend some money to help make that happen which is great! But they screwed up by getting players who where floundering, Derrick Lee and Ryan Ludwick. They took a chance hoping a new venue would be what they needed to get back on track. Sadly it did not and in my opinion hurt the moral of the team and fans a bit. Also the Blown Call didn't help much either.

Don't get me wrong I liked the pick up of Derrick and Ryan, I had high hopes. Despite how it worked out I would still like to see these players in a Pirate uniform come spring training but I highly doubt they will be around. To these two players, Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh and trying to help. I hope to see you in Pittsburgh but if not good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Now we are in the off season coming off of another loosing season. Now is the time to spend the money before spring training. I didn't think they would pick up someone like Albert but some of the pickups do not make much sense.

Clint Barmes. Age 33 when next season starts. Can play the middle infield as well as Cedano ever did but does not have much of a bat either at a $4 million price tag it may have been better just to keep Cedano or try to bring back Free Agent Jack Wilson for a year or two. I always liked Jack and still has the fielding ability to work in the MLB.

Rod Barajas. Age 36. Doumit and Snyder are gone. Which is okay, I liked them but between injuries and such it makes sense to look in another direction. Michael "The Fort" McKenry looks like he could be the catcher of the future. Eric Fryer looked pretty good. At a $4million price tag Barajas seems to be a wast of money that could be put somewhere else.

Nate McLouth, Age 30. Really didn't we go through him already? In PNC he seems to play fairly well. I don't think this is a bad pick up but again, money maybe better spent else where.

Erik Bedard was 5-9 with the Red Sox and an injury risk. WTF Seriously? Take him to a team that has problems with offense seems like a good idea to me? Jack ass. Watch now that I say that he will be a 20 game winner.

My purely Amateur takes on the positions.
First Base: Getting Derrick Lee back for another season or 3 would suffice. otherwise Garret Jones will hold it
Second Base: Neal Walker should be fine
Short Stop: has been hurting since Jack Wilson left. D'Arnaud and Ciriaco looked like they could belong in the Majors.
Third Base: Give Pedro another chance. Too much has been put in to him to give up so early. Josh Harrison is knocking on the door though. However should a veteran infielder become available..
Catcher: McKenry and Fryer look to be the future Barajas may start the season though.
Out Field: Presley and McCutchen for left and center and apparently Tabata, Mclouth and Jones will be working right.

Pitching: I am lost when it comes to pitching. I do know that compared to some previous years it has been some of the best we have had in pittsburgh since the early '90s. I like James McDonald and of course Joel Hanrahan. In that extra innings game this year that lasted just short of forever the pitching was excellent. I know some upgrade could be made but if they stay on track like they did the first half of last year then I see good things.

Here are a few players I would like Pittsburgh to take a look at picking up that i have not mentioned earlier.

Prince Fielder, will never happen. He is a Brewer and will cost too much.
Jason Kubel, OF decent average, still under 30.
Casey Kotchman 1b. had a great year last year but seems to go up and down. still young.
Wilson Betemit, 3b. Still under 30 puts up some better than average numbers when healthy.
Edwin Jackson, SP. still young and has done well maybe high priced

This is just my take. Talking some of these players to get to come to a loosing team would not be easy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Updates on things and stuff

New things.


I found a good web site to make a few dollars. is a site where you can list your talents for sale for $5 ( of which you receive $4 ). My initial experience with it is positive. If you got a talent you may want to check it out.

I got a site to promote my Fiverr micro jobs.

After Effects
I bit the bullet and decided to learn how to use Adobe After Effects. I was surprised how easy it is to use for basic tasks. I'm also very impressed what some people do with it. Hopefully someday I am as good as some of them. Some of the projects I have done are for sale on Fiverr.

YouTube Channel
I started posting videos to YouTube a while back mostly videos from some of the games I have been playing.

Awesome, check my YouTube channel for some early looks at next years game of the year.

Piss off. You're almost as bad as Google. Sorry Google you have become a monster, but because of the circumstances I have to use you two. I am considering a Facebook like and G+ 1 push just to see what happens and to see if I can get a thousand before the end of the year.

Castleville on Facebook.
you are and evil evil app and must be purged.

Boss on Starz
I just love this show and not because of the random sex shots. Check it out.