Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You people suck...

Okay maybe not you in particular just in general.

I'm just pissed off today about the left and right wing bull shit. So I am just going to rant for a few...

So I didn't vote for President Obama... oh hell.. I am a fucking racist... fuck you... you didn't vote for Palin you fucking sexiest.  You pricks.. it is not about color or sex... well for most of us normal thinking people.  There is no difference.

I watch Fox "News" so I must be an right wing lying bigot.  Shut up you hypocrite and get off of MSNBC.  If you watch either of those channels expecting the truth you are an idiot.

So I didn't want the health care bill passed, I must hate poor people.  Fuck you, out of all the people I know that do not have health insurance I need it the most.  Reason?  I don't believe that the state should make you pay my bills especially with the budget and debt the way it is.

*sigh* just really pisses me off.  I just wish these extremists would shut the hell up.

Okay done with that. (for now)

In other news new eBook draft is finished but I am distracted by Star Trek Online and my new Samsung Galaxy S2 to get it proofed and published..  If you are thinking about a new Smart phone the Galaxy S2 is pretty amazing.  I haven't figured out NFC in it really but all the other options are pretty good.  I got mine setup like an old gameboy now playing old NES carts but I guess you can even do PSX games on it.

I did see somewhere that the battery life isn't the greatest.  That is partially correct.  If you run around with Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, NFC with a bright background half a dozen apps running in the background and a live wallpaper filled with widget homescreens.. yeah it doesn't last a long time even with the screen off.  You can easily drain 50% of your battery in a few hours with a bunch of crap running.  Turn off GPS, Bluetooth and wifi if you know you are not going to use it.  Don't use a live background, especially those that update over the internet, don't run a couple dozen widgets, close programs when finished (remember hitting home doesn't close the programs) and use a darker background and you can really extend your battery life.

The S2 is android and runs most of the apps that where lacking (for free) on the iPhone.  SSH client, RDP and many others.  Not only that it looks to be pretty easy to develop with.  After I get some other stuff done I am going to work with the JDK/SDK and see what I can come up with.  Since it is a Linux base system and running java "I think" I can figure it out.

Oh yeah and Star Trek Online again because well... I love Star Trek.  BTW it is going Free to Play soon, if you thought you might be interested in it before it will be a good time to give it a try!  At least until The Old Republic comes out

Anyway back to play with my phone

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