Wednesday, October 5, 2011

rolling along...

Dead tired today, sick in the middle of the night so not much sleep....

I did manage to make my first Android App today.  Just a simple "Hello World", I think my first project will be a RSS reader.  "should" be fairly simple to make and most of the ones on the Market place I tried don't suit me.  I will hopefully start working on this in the next day or three. 

Also working on a PHP Script to check websites for their Google PR and Alexa ranking. Got the basic functions done today.  I'm not sure if I'll make it public only because I really don't want to support it.  Google or Alexa make a change and boom its borked.

Just little updates today, in the semi-near future I will post some domains and sites I am looking to get rid of.  Expect this in the next couple months.  I have around 140 domains most of which are just parked.

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