Wednesday, October 19, 2011

.Com milestone and flopped goals

Big internet milestone coming up soon!  Unless something drastic happens there will be 100 Million .com domains registered this year.  That is a lot by the way.  After other registrars became available and we where not stuck with just Network Solutions (Verisign) to register domains with, things went crazy.

Find out more at Registrar Stats

I got a few of my goals done over the weekend, even recorded the videos but after watching them I decided to not post them.  After looking at them they just didn't fit the bill.  It is pretty easy to figure out anyway, the only tricky part is setting up your name servers if you never done it before.

After re-reading my new book I decided it needs more, especially after some new tricks I have learned.  So I started writing more for it on Monday.  I plan on expanding each beginning section and adding more SEO stuff.  I have not come up with a price for it yet but I am guessing either 20 or 30 through click bank depending on how much info ends up going into it.  Also considering adding a couple videos as well.

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