Monday, October 24, 2011

Another day another penny. Quick Domain Parking reviews, Godaddy, Google and Sedo

So I tried 3 different domain parking solutions in the past 6 months or so, GoDaddy, Google and Sedo.  Here is a quick run down of their pros and cons from my personal experience

Domain Parking Pros
GoDaddy: Good PPC rates. I got three bucks on one click!
Google: Okay Traffic, decent payout.  usually got 10-50cents a click
Sedo: Great Traffic

Domain Parking Cons
GoDaddy: Low Traffic. You pay by the month to use it
Google: Subject to AdSense rules and Policies
Sedo: Low pay per click.

GoDaddy would be great if you have a domain with high traffic that you know you can get 10 clicks a month.  Any other domain that gets clicks would just be bonus.

Google is okay but they have been really cracking down what they think maybe Violations.  Very easy to get banned near impossible to get reinstated.

Sedo I'm getting 10times the amount of traffic with Sedo than any other.  Also lots more clicks.  However I am only getting around 3-5cents per click.

Just a quick overview.

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