Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well I decided the web and programming projects are too small and far in between. And don't get me started on doing freelance system administration. People hire you to do something they don't know anything about say something isn't right because they don't know anything about it. Listen folks you are not paying me to teach you how to do it.. just to do it.

anyway, right now my big projects are domain speculating web affiliate projects. With PPC (AdSense and AdBrite) ads mixed in. My plan is to find okay domains, develop them at least a little even if it is just a landing page and then resell them after a few months and repeat.

I started out small with 20ish domains some that I have already had and now I am at over 100. by the end of the year I would like to have over 1000 but I doubt that will happen.

Every day I'm going to try to post a quick note about a domain or three I'm working on here in separate posts. Some of the ones I've set up are semi useful, but the vast majority of the ones I currently have are parked.

One big lesson I learned is that NEW parked domains are worthless. Do not ever park a brand new domain anywhere if you plan on making money on it.

I also plan on updating my progress with this blog giving people an idea on how I'm doing it and if I've found it worth it.

I'll be back soon with a couple domains i have rolling now.

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