Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project(s): Parked domains and Afilliate sales. AdSense Ban Hammer

I had one hell of a time with Google AdSense.  I got banned for a "Risk of Invalid Activity" I found it blocked it and stopped it and my appeal was rejected, it also appears that the "risk" was really small.  Of course I expected that.  So there goes my 2 bucks a day profit.  Whatever I understand that keeping the integrity of their clicks is important but they are really overly aggressive.

Now here I am.  around 100 domains parked with Google AdSense and no profit at all.  Granted I was getting maybe 10 impressions a day and maybe a click a week... still...    I looked for other parking services.  GoDaddy, NameDrive and Sedo

GoDaddy is pretty nice and easy to setup if you use GoDaddy to register, but Google won't index them and traffic is hard to get if you follow the rules.  I tried with about 10 domains for a month and didn't even make the money back.  NameDrive looks good for all the reviews I've seen, decent traffic for the first month or so then a large drop off after.  Sounds good but I want something steady so I went with Sedo.  Setup was easy, as expected.  Just tell them what domains and then change your name servers with your registrar.  Also each domain fits in to a category, they auto detect it for ease but for me most where way off.  So I had to change about 70 or so manually.  First day I am already getting a bit of traffic.  I will try to remember to post more about this in a week or so.

Many of the domains I got to promote click bank affiliate products or just because it thought they where funny.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to do it but since I am already banned my AdSense my options are more open now though I know one thing, no one likes spam, including me.

I'm looking for a domain database program.  I got so many now in use or parked that its hard to keep track and spread sheets just are not cutting it.  I'm starting a php/mysql script to keep track, working on it a few minutes a day but would rather find a pre-made one.  If anyone has a suggestion let me know, free is preferred but would look at some cheap ones as well.

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Daniel Rooney said...

I don't get why Google easily lays down the hammer in banning AdSense for sites that had very little advertisements. Recently, Google's latest FAIL involves in its algorithm for parked domains as having collateral damage.
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