Sunday, September 25, 2011

Projects: EHostIt.Net, EHostIt.Biz and

3 New projects for the list today.

EHostIt.Net was made back when myspace was still the thing to do a few years ago. It was a place where people could upload images and it generated code for people to use the images in their profiles and comments. It still does this but I don't know if it works still or not. It also had a Style sheet generator that would change your my space profile colors and such. It worked great and got lots of traffic back then.

Now days it is rarely used and it is mainly only still here because I like the domain name. You can still upload images to it and use them for other purposes though but no one really does.

It has an Alexa Ranking of around 24million and some back links, it used to be PR 5 a few years ago now it is 0, I am not surprised but it is a bummer.

, This is my domain flipping e-book. It goes over the basics of buying and selling domain names. Where to buy, how to buy, what to buy and where to sell. Gives a really good intro to the business. most places have this for $17 or more, I sell it for $9.99. with your first flip you should get more than your money back. This site will be similar to Only in a word press blog. Basically it will be the back up site for it in case i do decided to sell cashone.

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