Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project: - Star Wars videos

This is my largest website, over 200,000 pages over 8,000 indexed by Google.

The wonderful thing about this site is that it is a set and forget site, almost. Every so often, every day or two I run a script to update the videos. After that I just have to load the main page to verify no odd content got added.

It comes up on the second page of Google results for the keyword "Naboo" and has been climbing the past 6 months.

The Alexa rank has been slowly going up as well. At this time its around 12 million.

It has no real back links other than a few of my other pages and received over 1,400 Visits in the past month according to Google Analytics.

I have thought about selling the domain and site many times, though what people are willing to pay do not off set my personal like of the site.

Naboo Your source for Star Wars related videos

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