Friday, September 23, 2011

Project: Work from home

Cash One Solutions, I orginally got this domain because I had planned to resell it to one of them payday loan services. They offered me five grand for it. While we where working out a deal laws changed and their plans got put on hold years later I still have it.

Rather than let this premium name expire I decided recently to put something on it. I threw some work from home info up, a couple ads and some click bank products that are useful and fairly related. I also did an AdWords campaign that was really successful.

In the first two weeks I made $50 AdSense alone. I slowed my advertising down after that but still pull in about 10-15 this week from a site that went live just 23 days ago. It is a far cry from the $5,000ish I was going to sell for but it is a great start.

The site has gotten over 1,300 visits according to Google Analytics and has an Alexa ranking around the top 18 million

Because of it's success I have a couple similar sits in mind.

Cash One Solutions

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